social and environmental responsibility

5% of Bayyurt's profit goes to social
and environmental projects

Bayyurt is a member of Tema and Foundation for Promotion of Modern Life. It regards environmental protection during production process and taking all precautions necessary for leaving a better nature to future generations as its responsibility.

Bayyurt afforest every production field harmed involuntarily during production process, in order to gain back the wild life. And also it helps environmental protection by planting a tree for each container it sells.

Forests are world's inheritance. They do not belong to any man or government but to the earth. Everything begins with baby steps. One by one, the trees we planted is becoming Bayyurt Forest.
Without demanding anything from others, let us take together the baby steps for promoting social and environmental lives which will lead us to big march.

Educational Inequality

Educational inequality is one of the greatest international threats as the biggest social injustice. We are trying to add in a bigger social solution by supplying 10 children's educational costs every year.

For Healthier and Safer Work Conditions

Bayyurt takes all precautions for worker health and safety both in its own production areas and in cooperating subcontractors and supervises the subject companies. Bayyurt does not approve retrenchments from workers' social rights and does not work with companies adopting that attitude.


Bayyurt as a company does not adopt any religious, ethnical or political view. It stands at the same distance to all religions, races, sexes and does never perform any type of discrimination.