Add power to our power, value to our business, meaning to your life.

By various social activities, we aim to keep the motivation and productivity of our employees up and to offer them a happy and peaceful work environment.
Our employees are our most important source for being a more global and innovative company.
For change and development, our goal is to provide all kinds of opportunities for tomorrow's employees.
Even if our mission seems highly simple, our happiness definition is quite sophisticated. Happiness for us consists of not only material but also moral conditions. We want our customers not only t o earn materially but also to enjoy our cooperation. We want every deal becomes a pleasant experience. We prefer one-to-one relations with our customers, to know them not as distant customer but as a person that we develop solid personal ties with. We try to keep our personnel’s faces smiling both while serving and in their personal lives. We ensure that they see their working place more than a profit oriented management as a company with principles and moral values. We do not only provide a fair income for our shareholders’ investments but also try to create a company they will be proud to be a part of by acting with moral principals considering moral values and environmental consciousness. Our greatest mission is to see the smiling faces of our customers, personnel and shareholders at the end of the day.
Being an exemplary organization in our region and in the world with our innovative, rational, creative, pioneering and responsible approach.